Honolulu - Beach and dance

It was time for a trip to the beach on Tuesday. The four of us took it rather slow to go there and also bought some food first to have a picknick under the palm trees. We went to the outer end of Waikiki beach, towards Diamond Head. The water there is calm and of course warm. I had a nice swim but spent most of the time on the beach in the shadow since the sun was quite strong.

In the afternoon we went back home because Willow and me had to get ready for a performance. October 2nd is Mahatma Gandhi's birthday and has been declared the International Day of Non-Violence.

There is a Gandhi statue in Waikiki, close to the Zoo and surrounded by Indian Banyan trees.

Some stands and several rows of plastic chairs had been set up. It was a nice setting for the event where several guests held speaches in the light of the sunset.

I danced a Bollywood number right in front of Gandhi's statue that you can watch here:
It was a really great experience and I am honored to have been part of it!