Honolulu - Culture hopping

Many shops are open on Sunday in Honolulu, especially the big supermarkets.
So we accompanied Sue (Willow's mother) on a little shopping excursion. We needed a new mattress to sleep on because the air mattress we had used until then had a tiny hole and we had woken up on a very wobbly half-deflated bed...

It's always so interesting to go to supermarkets in other countries. Especially in Hawai'i where you get stuff from all over the world, but from Japan in particular:
The shops here have their Halloween stuff out already, including big pumpkins. And yes, Hello Kitty for Halloween. This is Hawai'i after all!

People also decorate their houses far in advance for the holidays - there is a "Halloween tree" in Willow's home!

Oli enjoys the fact that there is often a big section with Japanese food. He buys stuff that you don't get in Switzerland or that would cost a fortune.

A little while after returning home we went out again, this time with Willow. We visited the "Wiki Wiki one day" show for "vintage collectibles and Hawaiiana" - you could also call it a big flea market in a hall. But there were actually many nice and interesting things to see and we all found something to buy. I got two pairs of earrings and two lipstick holders (probably from the 1950s) that will look very cute in my bathroom.

After this we walked over to a park where the "Intertribal Pow Wow" was held, a gathering of native Americans. They had several stands with goods or information of different tribes. There also were drummers and circle dances for everybody to join in.
Yes, Hawaii has a lot of different cultures in one place!

Later in the afternoon I taught my next Oriental dance workshop, about step combinations. It was followed by a mehndi party where we sat down, chatted and Willow did beautiful henna paintings on our hands.

After all this excitement  I was rather tired in the evening and collapsed on the bed for a "just 5 minutes" nap from which I didn't wake up for a long time...