Honolulu - Fish Safari

While Waikiki beach is very urban with shops and highrisers just over the street, there are also other, more "natural" beaches. Like the picture book beach of Hanauma Bay. The four of us drove there on Thursday morning.

It's not only beautiful but also very popular (without feeling crowded) so it was a bit difficult to find a place in the shadow.

The main attraction is under water anyway, so we soon went out snorkeling. There are many different kinds of colorful fish swimming around the reef.

(Thanks to my boyfriend's underwater camera!)

I spent the rest of the time just chilling and reading, but I had to constantly move my towel to stay in the little bit of shadow - unfortunately it was not enough, I still caught a sunburn on my arms and back.
The guys on the other hand went back for another long round of snorkeling.

After that we stopped by a shopping center to have a cheap fast food lunch. We also went into Ross, a shop that sells cheap second-season designer goods. I bought some light but long sleeved tops to protect my red arms from more sun...

It was no surprise than when we arrived back home we all needed a nap because all the sun and water had made us sleepy.