Honolulu - From beach to salon to cinema - we have it all!

One of our main attractions in Hawaii is of course surfing. Thanks to a slight jet lag we got up very early on Wednesday and walked to the beach where we rented two boards. The waves were really good that day and I stayed out for two hours, paddling and catching waves until I got tired and hungry.

Fortunately there's always an ABC store close to you when you are in Waikiki. I bought a sandwich, a pineapple juice and a book and settled under some palm trees to wait for Olivier to come back from the waves which he did an hour later.

After some chilling out we started to walk along the shops on Kalakaua avenue, mostly looking at bathing suits.
I ended up buying a new bikini at Macy's and we also got some small souvenir stuff.

When we finally arrived back home I changed and then went to the hairdresser with Willow. She had told me good things about Dennis who had cut her hair so I had booked an appointment with him.

Willow also wanted some highlights done so we kind of shared one hairdresser. He not only did our hair but also entertained us with stories about his former glamorous life - before a habit of spending too much money had brought him into jail for a while. Now he looks more like a beach bump - but he gives a good haircut.

In the evening we went out for dinner with Willow and JC and then to the cinema to see the film "Loopers" which we all enjoyed.