Honolulu - From Surfville to Chinatown

Thanks to the jet lag we got up early on Friday again and walked down to Waikiki beach. The waves were not as good as the first time and I didn't want to be out in the sun too long. So I didn't go surfing too long.
I spent just enough time under the palms until my hair was dry and then went to some nearby shops to be out of the sun. I found a pair of shiny pants that I planned to wear for a Bollywood disco number.

Just as I got back to the beach, Olivier came out of the water. He changed and went over the street to buy a snack. He loves it that you can get cheap sushi and nigiri at every corner here!

We then walked back home because I had a much needed appointment for a manicure and pedicure. After all, some pampering should be part of every vacation!

We also did some grocery shopping and marveled at all the things they are selling here and especially at the variety:

Many kinds of bananas

All sorts of tofu - thanks to the many Japanese who live here!

Lei galore! Hawaiian flower garlands for you.

Sea food with funny names

Cheese that looks like plastic

Local fruit drinks

Hawaiian beers!

Swiss? Not really....

In the evening we went to Chinatown with Willow. It was "First Friday" which means that a lot of galleries ans shops there are open until late at night. Also, all kinds of people roam the streets, including some Hare Krishna followers...

After a stroll through the streets we ended up at a small tattoo studio because Willow wanted to visit her friend who owns the place.

We spent quite a while there chatting with some people who were from Alaska and Los Angeles but had moved to Hawaii.