Honolulu - Just an easy day

Tuesday was a bit like Monday, only that we took it far more easy. I didn't even go out surfing since the waves were so small. Instead I just let Oli go out and kept to my book and some dozing under the palm trees....

For lunch we went to the International Market Place.

We shortly returned to the Ala Moana mall, but just long enough for me to exchange some Lego stones that I had bought. Yes, I will use them to teach my zills and step combination classes!

And they have a shop there where you can choose the stones of your own choice - just that they didn't have all the right colors in the sizes that I wanted. So I had to adjust a little. Can't wait for my next workshop where I can use the stones to illustrate concepts of counting beats and rhythms!

These are things we saw on the way home:

In the evening I taught a Bollywood combination class which was a lot of fun.

Then we had to pack for the next day - the start of our 3 days visit to Maui!