Honolulu - Supporting the Hawaiian economy :-)

We started out slowly on Monday and went out with Willow towards noon when she went to teach a class. During this time we went shopping at the nearby Nordstrom Rack shop. Olivier bought four new pants and I two pairs of shoes - everything on sale of course!

Then we went to eat some of the famous hot dogs at Hank's Haute Dogs to get ready for the next round of shopping... This is very different from what we get served as hot dogs in Switzerland!

Our next stop, the Ala Moana shopping mall has always been one of our favourite places in Honolulu. And we will go there again for sure!
But we couldn't stay too long because Willow had to work some more. She's a guide on the Monday "Tiki Trolley" tour which we of course attended. She told stories and sang songs, it was quite entertaining.

Since she had to do a second round we checked out some of the shops in Waikiki - but many of them have crazy air conditioning and are far too cold!
That's me, going all-Hawaiian in a flowery vintage dress and a lei.
We made very sure to get a table outside at the restaurant where we went to eat dinner.

Flower girls!

Of course we also came here to surf which we did the next day.