Honolulu - Time to dance!

The weekend was mostly dedicated to dance since I had my workshops and there was a show planned. It was also an opportunity to sleep a little more since we didn't go to the beach.

I used quite some time on Saturday morning to prepare my bags and practice my dances. In the afternoon Willow drove to the dance studio with me. The school is called Still and Moving Center. It's a very nice place with several rooms and classes for dance, yoga and other disciplines.

Unfortunately nobody came for my first workshop, so we went over to the Ala Moana shopping mall which is close by. I did my underwear shopping for the next two years at Victoria's Secret... It's not the cheapest place, but since I only buy my stuff there it means that I never spend money for underwear during the time I am not in the States.

Then we went back and fortunately had students for the second workshop, an Oriental choreography which my students seemed to enjoy a lot.

We had only little time to go home, change, put on make-up and grab our costumes before going back to the same studio where an event called "Global Cafe" was held. It was a mixed show with mostly teachers who presented what they teach at this school, from hula to capoeira to ballet.

I performed an Oriental double veil number and a modern Bollywood dance.

Both went very well and received a lot of applause. You can watch them on YouTube!

Double Veil Dance

Bollywood Dance