Honolulu - Walking and shopping

Monday was a really long day for us.

We started by getting up at 6 AM again to go to the beach early. Unfortunately there weren't a lot of waves. So we decided to try stand up paddeling - thinking "how hard can it be?"... Actually, standing on the board and paddeling was quite easy - but catching waves is a completely different story!

I had beginner's luck and caught a wave quite early - it was kind of unexpected and I was actually freaking out! All I did was scream and at the same time try not to fall off the board. Quite an adrenaline rush.
Later on I spent more time kneeling than standing on the board because it felt safer to catch a wave like this first and stand up afterwards.

After nearly 2 hours we returned the boards and just chilled under the palm trees a bit. How can you tell that we are Swiss? We go to a beach and then sit on the little lawn - because we prefer sitting on grass to sitting on sand...

We had our lunch at the Cheescake Factory. Each of us had a fancy cheescake - containing so much sugar that we had enough for many hours! But the terrace is a great place for people watching because most people who walk through Waikiki pass there sooner or later.

Walking was also what we did next, with some shopping breaks... Then we also went through the parks and along the beach until we arrived at the Ala Moana shopping mall - where we walked and shopped some more of course!

When we got home my feet were killing me! We had thought about going back to Waikiki in the evening but were actually glad to just stay in and have dinner there. Oli also was kept busy by all our friends and their computer problems.