Maui - The beach

We had wanted to go to Maui before but never managed to actually do it. But after some friends had told me what a great place it was, we decided to spend the money (it's not a cheap destination!) and check it out.
We took a morning flight to Kahului and spent a stupid amount of time driving in circles until we found the hotel. Which is rather ridiculous since the town is so small.

We just dropped our luggage, took out the beach stuff and then drove around the West part of the island (which took about 45 minutes - it really is a small island) to Kaanapali, which is more of a long beach than a town.

I have to say that, after having read about what a wonderful place this should be, I was a bit dissapointed. It's nice, but not breathtaking.

One reason being that the beach is lined with several very uninspired, ugly hotel blocks.

We walked to the upper end to the "black rock", a famous snorkeling spot. It was easier to snorkel there than in Hanauma Bay because the water is deeper. But after a while I took off the equipment to just enjoy the ocean.

The waves there break right on the beach which makes them useless for surfing but great fun to jump around. I let them carry me to the sand again and again - which meant that in the end I myself was totally full of sand (it would take me several days to get it out of my hair...).

We also saw a turtle that came very close to the beach and was of course a big attraction for everybody.

After all the fun in the water there was very little shadow on the beach to sit and relax. But there was a pool bar close by, so we pretended to be guests of the Sheraton and sat down at a table under an umbrella to enjoy two expensive smoothies...

I also went for a swim in the pool which was actually more like a river through some rocks and under some little bridges, really nice!

In the mid-afternoon we drove back to the hotel. From there we strolled over to a nearby shopping mall which was surprisingly big.

They have a cinema as well, so after a little dinner we went to watch "Hotel Transsilvania".

It was another of those evenings where we just fell into bed very tired in the end...