Maui - rising high

On Thursday morning Olivier and I got up very early to catch the sunrise and have a dance photo shoot around the hotel.

At about 8 AM we were joined by Willow and JC. Together we drove up to the mountains.

First we stopped in Makawao, a little village that attracts a lot of artists and has probably more yoga schools than restaurants....
There's a street that is lined with cute little shops, some of them as original as the "Aloha Cowboy" store. We also visited Hot Island Glass where we could watch one of the masters make a truely amazing glass sculpture.

Then it was time to drive high up to the Haleakala national park. This took quite a while - but in the end we where 3000 meters above sea level!

It was cool and extremely windy up there, but what a spectacular sight! It's the tip of one of Maui's big volcanos and besides the landscape of volcanic stones in various colors you can also see the Big Island from there. Definitely worth the long drive! We walked around for a while and took loads of pictures.

On the way down we had a late lunch at the Kula lodge, a restaurant with a nice view and a beautiful garden.

When we got back to the hotel, we all needed a little nap. Then we walked over to the mall and also went to buy some breakfast.
There isn't much of a nightlife in Kahului, but since we had all got up so early, we didn't really feel need to go out.