The one where Bond runs through Istanbul...

It rained on Thursday as I went up to Sisli by metro to pay a visit to Bella, the most famous of all costume designers. Conveniently the shop is very close to the metro station.
I looked through all the models on display and Evin, the owner, even showed me some more in a different room. It was all beautiful but (fortunately) nothing excited me enough to want to buy it.
I was done in about 10 minutes! And frankly Evin seemed to be rather pissed off that I didn't just cry in extasy and buy 5 costumes...

Bella's costumes used to be dramatically different or better than those of the other designers'. But as the others have improved their designs and quality, you don't necessarily have to buy there anymore to get a good, beautiful professional costume. Plus I have to say that I have been treated more friendly in all of the other places.

Across the street, just above the metro station, there is a big shopping mall called Cevahir. I decided that the cold and wet weather justified spending the rest of the day there - especially since my new ankle boots turned out not to be waterproof...

I went to Koton, a Turkish chain store, and bought some nice and very affordable pants. But then I felt that all the walking and dancing of the last days had clearly drained my energy - it was just the right moment for some sitting around in a big salon to get my manicure and pedicure done!

There was also a multiplex cinema in the mall to which I went (for more sitting...) to watch Skyfall. With its wild chase through Istanbul in the opening sequence it was the perfect choice. And my goodness what an incredibly awesome film! One of those classic Bonds that you can watch 20 times. And if just for the spectacular cinematography. It totally made my day!

By the way, it was remarkable how many people there were to watch a movie at 3 PM on a weekday!

Since I had taken off my shoes during the film, my feet now had a total of about 3 hours of naked, not-touching-the-floor time which they were thankful for.

I didn't bother with any more shopping after the cinema but went straight home. I figured that I'd be out walking for hours on Friday again when the weather was supposed to be better.

Somehow I always wait to eat here until I am VERY hungry - which I did again that night. It's not really optimal because then I get to the milongas with a very full stomac. But after all I have to get some food for all that dancing.
So I went to eat an Iskender Kebap. It was OK but I am still convinced that the world's best Iskender is served in Zurich (New Point, Schmiede Wiedikon). I have never found a better one in Istanbul, even in restaurants that claim it to be their speciality.

The big new construction site at Taksim makes it quite hard to get to the area of Point hotel. Instead of walking the long way around through the park I crossed the large square undergroung through the metro station.

This is a milonga for which people really dress up (last night had been much more casual). It also always has a nice atmosphere and good music.