Paris in the cold

The BellyFusions festival has been organized each January for some years. I didn't have the opportunity to participate before because it collided with our studio's big annual show.
But this time I applied and was accepted to perform in the Friday night show. It's the "new talents" show but since I am not a big star in the fusion scene that's ok - and frankly any excuse to go to Paris is a good one!
My friend Katharina decided to join me to take several of the workshops.

We took the TGV ("big speed train") early on Thursday morning and arrived before noon. The train only takes a little over 4 hours and is definitely much more convenient than the flight.

I had packed lightly and was glad about it - there is a lot of walking up and down stairs in the metro!

Our hotel is simple but cheap. And there's a rather good restaurant on the ground floor.
We had lunch there before heading to Montmartre.

Since it's January, it was freezing cold despite the sunshine! So after walking up the hill to Sacre Coeur and taking the mandatory pictures, we quickly went into the church (which wasn't exactly too warm either).
I had been there many times but for some reason it seemed to be the first time that I noticed the fabulous Mucha-style mosaics. They might have been under renovation before. Definitely go see them when you are in Paris!

Then we wandered around the small streets and the famous Place de Tertre which looked a lot smaller than usual because there were only few painters and tourists compared to the warmer seasons when the place is always packed with people.

On the way down we stopped at some of the tourist shops of which some actually had cute things to buy.
We were joined my Mirjam, another dancer from Zurich who came to Paris to teach workshops at the festival and perform in the Saturday show.
The three of us sat down in a café to drink some warm beverages, eat cake and chat.
This is not only a touristic area but also where you can find loads of shops with fabrics and accessories. Plus there is a shop that sells glittery party dressed and (mostly "cheap") Oriental dance costumes. We went inside to check out their goods. Katharina actually bought a skirt but I decided to come back the next day because I wanted to look around a little longer.

We split up after that because Mirjam had to go and prepare her workshop while Kat and me went to Les Halles - mostly because it's an underground mall and therefore a little warmer.
We browsed through the shops and bought some stuff until we were simply too tired to go on - it had been a long day after all!
But first we had to walk through quite many corridors and stairs to go over to the Châtelet metro station.
When we finally arrived at the hotel towards 9 PM all we wanted was just eat some cookies, paint our nails and go to bed...