Paris - Let it snow!

Despite the snow and cold, Katharina absolutely wanted to go and see the Eiffel tower. We walked all along the park that leads to it which was kind of nice because the snow was fresh and clean, not like the one in the street and on the sidewalks....
The tower itself was closed for visitors due to the weather, but we had not planned on going up anyway.
Tourist pose!
Then we walked on, to Trocadero square where you could really notice how little traffic there was - apparently most Parisians don't even have Winter tires and driving on the slush with Summer tires is no fun... The city of Paris apparently does not own any vehicles or machines to clear the snow from the streets!
Frozen pond
Most cars needed a litte pushing
Oh yes, and "isolation" seems to be a foreign concept as well. There is a little draft wherever you go because the cold comes in through the window frames...

Anyway, by then we were cold and hungry and went into a restaurant where I finally had my obligatory French onion soup. Mmmmmh!

We walked towards the city centre until even Katharina didn't find the snow "romantic" anymore. So we just caught a metro, made a stop at Notredame and then went to the Louvre station.

Three black priests doing the Sunday service

On the street level of Louvre is the entrance to the museum for decorative arts and that's where we spent the next few hours - it was warm and dry :-) And they had a lot of beautiful things to look at.

Then it was time for me to go back to the hotel, grab my stuff and get on the train home - while Katharina went to yet another workshop (she had planned to stay until Tuesday). I was glad to be able to relax for four hours, just sitting there watching many episodes of Dexter....

So yes, we had a great time - but I definitely prefer Paris in the warmer seasons!