Paris - Seeking the warmth

Katharina was busy with workshops on Saturday morning and I had no wish to walk around in the snow so I went to the Louvre (which conveniently has a big entrance hall that connects directly to the Metro).

This is not just a museum - it's an entire experience! The building is a big palace with painted ceilings, big halls and long corridors.

Of course I saw only a part of the exhibition, but one can always come back!
Actually, I had not been in the Louvre since my first visit to Paris - when I was 14. And I was just as dissapointed with the Mona Lisa as the first time. I mean, what's the fuss about this tiny painting?
(There, can you see it? It's very small!)
I so much prefer the big paintings, some of which are really impressive! You can just stand in front of them for 5 minutes and look at all the details.

And yes, Orientalists of course...
Nothing like a dramatic Delacroix....
I also learned that once you are in the Ancient Egypt section you can hardly get out - it's so big! I guess the French stole a lot of stuff in Egypt some 100 to 200 years ago, that's why they have so many objects to display...
It's the "me in the mirror" picture!

Happy dead faces!
After that I met up with Katharina at the hamam where we enjoyed being in the hot air for a change. We also got a very thorough rub and a massage.
"Les bains maures" is not one of the fancy, expensive hamams of which there are many in Paris.
It's a simple, traditional place where local women of Middle Eastern / Maghrebinian descent go. Katharina even had a little misunderstanding with her massager because she didn't really understand French. Apparently Arabic is the first language in this hamam. But apart from this everybody was very friendly and helpful.

As always, the hamam had made us hungry. Katharina had a vague recollection that the area around the Odéon station would be good for eating, so that's where we went. Fortunately we found a really nice restaurant very close to the metro. The waiter there was very enthusiastic and dedicated.
He was one of many friendly and polite people we had met during this few days - wherever the Parisians have gotten their bad reputation for being snooty and arrogant, we could not say!
More food porn!
After eating a LOT of good food and a delicious dessert we went back to the theatre to see the festival's second show. While the Friday show had been for "new talents" this one for the established stars in the fusion scene.
There were some really good numbers, but also others that were kind of strange - as if the dancers were trying too hard to be original.

After this long day, we went straight to bed!