Paris - Snowtime / Showtime!

On Friday morning we had breakfast with Mirjam (who is staying at the same hotel) and then she and Katharina went off to the dance workshops.

I took the metro to La Chapelle where there is a hamam that I had gone to before. I wanted to make sure that we could get a massage on Saturday afternoon. But the woman at the counter told me that we didn't need an appointment and could simply come whenever we liked.
At the next bakery I bought a little dessert which I ate happily while walking - although my fingers were slowly freezing...
The Barbès area is definitely on the shabby side but has some interesting shops. And at the end of my walk I was back at the fabric stores where I looked around for inspiration for a 70's themed Bollywood item dance costume. I bought some pink glitter pieces and feathers. I think when I am done putting it all together it should look quite good!

This shop has amazing little puppets to show off the fabrics - they sew little dresses for them!
I went back to the hotel, had lunch and then took all my stuff for the night's performance to go to the rehearsal. Since I was the first dancer who arrived at the theatre I had the opportunity do dance my piece a few times on stages. This was quite important to me because I was doing an Oriental tango fusion dance in stiletto heel tango shoes. I have to feel comfortable with the floor when I don't have a man to hold on to!
I had a lot of time left but somehow my body felt rather tired so all I did was go back to the hotel to relax some hours.

When I went back to the theatre in the evening most of the other dancers were already there, half dressed and made up.
I usually like to connect with my fellow performers backstage, but found it difficult this time. There were several groups who mostly kept to themselves (and one of them being from the Czech Republic and speaking hardly any foreign languages didn't help) and the other soloists were too busy getting ready. I had a little chat though with Maria who had come all the way from Buenos Aires!

My performance went well and here's the video:
When we got out we found that it had started to snow, and not all of us were wearing the right shoes! So it was kind of a slippery affair to walk to the metro stations.
I was really physically tired by then, so while the others went for a drink in a bar by the hotel, I just wanted to go to bed.