Delhi - Girlie day

On Saturday Suhas had given us a driver to take us around. We first went to a dry cleaner - all my new clothes needed to be washed, but since Indian fabrics have a tendency to bleed out color in the beginning it's always good to have them dry cleaned.

Then we drove to a salon. Fadima needed to get her failed haircut fixed and I used the time for a hairwash and to get my nails done. We were going to have a photoshoot the next day and wanted to look our best of course!

The salon was in an area with a very odd mix of modern buildings and undevelopped patches. In the middle of it all was a large banquet hall, where they celebrate the big, fat Indian weddings. It's like an openair film stage - on the inside it's stunningly beautiful, like a palace. But outside you see that it's just wooden walls.

We told the driver to bring us to a shopping mall. They still had the Valentine's decor up. India seems to be obsessed with Valentine's day!

There are some chain stores like Biba that don't have branches in the South of India, so I took the opportunity to visit them in Delhi. I bought two more Salwars - but they are for hot weather which might have been a mistake because it's only around 16 degrees here... And I also found some DVDs of recent films that I wanted.

Towards the evening Fadima and me had a lesson in Dandiya dance with a local teacher. Typical Indian teaching style: Just follow. Not much explaining - and not real introduction to the people present.  So I can't even tell you the names of our teachers.

It was already dark when we went back home. Although we had eaten at the mall we still joined the others for dinner because it's hard to resist that lovely home made Indian food!