Delhi - Lazy day

Everybody slept in on Sunday. It was another cool, cloudy day and I didn't mind that I was totally missing out on the sightseeing. I had been to Delhi about 20 years ago and figured that the Red Fort hadn't changed much since then.

Instead we went to an early afternoon show at the cinema to watch "Race 2", a new Bollywood film.
I had to really concentrate on the dialogues to understand at least a little bit of what they were saying.
But it was entertaining anyway and the fact that a lot of it was filmed on nice locations in Turkey did help!

After that we went home to pick up Fadima, because she was teaching a workshop, as well as a cousin of Suhas who wanted to participate.

On the way to the studio we passed through a street with a lot of shops. Since the workshop was for beginners I preferred to hop out of the car and go shopping in the meantime.

There were a lot of shops for shoes and clothing that made it easy to spend my money and I even found a very glittery dress for my Bollywood dance performances.

The others picked me up after the class was over and we went to eat really wonderful food at a nearby restaurant.
While we were there they had the TV on and a film awards show was running which Fadima and me followed with a lot of interest.

Actually they gave out so many awards and it was such a long show (plus commercial breaks) that we were even able to watch the last part after the lenghty drive home!