Delhi - Photo shoot

On Saturday we got up early and drove across town to a photo studio. Distances in Delhi are often very long and it took us over an hour to get there.
It was a cool and rainy day and unfortunately the studio wasn't much warmer than the outside.

There was Richa, a fasion photographer, with her assistant and Shaan, the stylist. While Fadima had her make-up and hair done, I dosed in the couch.

Richa had planned a special creative shooting with a projector but they had some trouble connecting it to the laptop. So they still hadn't started taking pictures when I was styled.

But once everything worked out and I watched them at work, I could see that we were going to get some really spectacular pictures!

After a lunch break it was my turn in front of the camera and I poses with projections of various patterns and a big picture of the moon.

All of this had taken much longer than expected and so we finally rushed off towards 6 PM because Fadima had to teach a trial lesson.

Suhas had a meeting during Fadima's class and I joined him. We went to a coffee shop where we met the representant of a luxury cruise company and one of Suhas' friends who is a wedding planner.
The cruise guy presented his ships and the high class all-inclusive cruises. They look great - I would need a sponsor though...
I was really hungry from the shooting and ate the world's biggest chocolate cake!

Of course when we got home after picking up Fadima there was yummy food on the table as well but this time I had to pass.