Kerala - Returning to Paradise

I got up early on Monday to catch my flight back to Kochi. It was a bit sad to leave all those lovely people behind - but the early Delhi morning with heavy traffic and even fog made me long for a sunny beach!

The flight was late due to the fog but otherwise it went well, with a stop in Mumbai where many people got off and only few new passengers got in. So I had a full row of seats to myself!

The moment I stepped out of the plane and into the hot, humid Kerala air, every fiber of my body went "aaaaaaah!"
I took a non-aircondition taxi to the hotel so I could really take in the warmth.

We drove for about 50 minutes, mostly through small villages.
It was so good to see all this green, the flowers, the colorful little houses...

I had found the Cherai Beach Resorts on the Internet and just looking at the pictures I was very convinced that I had to go there.
Really, look at this and tell me you would not like it:

I was so pleased to find that it really is an amazing place - and by the time the porter had walked me to my own little "fishermen hut" I was close to tears just from happiness to be there - and I'm not usually a sap!

This is the view from my veranda:

And this is the interior of my "fisherman's hut" - there is a palm tree growing right out of my bathroom!

I had to unpack just to calm down. And I already considered staying longer than just until Friday!

It was early evening by now and I crossed the little street between the resort and the beach for a walk and to watch the sunset.

A bit up the beach is the spot where the locals go to the ocean. And them being Indians, they don't wear bathing suits. The men wear shorts and tank tops, the women are in their normal salwar kameez suits. And that's how they jump around in the waves, but always staying close to the beach - there's a life guard who will blow his wistle if somebody goes out just a little too far.

I was wearing my cute new Biba dress that I had bought in Delhi. I am used to getting compliments for wearing Indian clothes - but here I was treated like a rock star!

Many people wanted to take a picture with me and I took some photos in return, even with three nuns who were watching over their group of female MBA students!

Then I ran into a gang of young women who were doing the wave jumping while all holding hands.
My shoes and pants had already gotten wet and when the girls told me to join them I finally gave in. I handed my purse to one of their friends and joined them in the water. After a few waves had splashed on us I was soaking wet! But it was a lot of fun and the water was as warm as a bathtub!

After the sun had set I went back to my hut to wash a ton of sand out of my clothes...

There's an Indian dinner buffet at the hotel. The food is OK but by now I was very spoiled and didn't find it quite as good as what I had eaten up until then.

After having to sleep with two layers of clothes in Delhi I had some difficulties adjusting to the hot night air. It was too windy with the fan on and too warm without. But I eventually fell asleep - even without my earplugs! Because there are no fighting dogs and no traffic noises. Just some nature sounds that don't bother me.

But I was woken up in the middle of the night by loud thunder and heavy rain!