Kerala - Village tour

Sunday was mostly the usual routine except for a "village tour" with a tuktuk (motor rikshaw) in the morning.

This took me to the North part of the island, where the harbour is situated. The most interesting thing there was the fisher's harbour. The workers were just in the process of packing and loading this morning's catch - you can imagine the smell... Dozens of crows circled around to eat whatever fish fell to the ground.

Another of the several stops was at a big white church, "Basilica of our Lady of Snow" (really!) that was built next to a much smaller, older church. When thinking of India and Europeans we mostly have the British in mind - but here it's all about the Portuguese who were followed by the Dutch.

There were also some newer graves witch Portuguese names on them in the cemetery. There were only few banks in the church, apparently the Indians prefer to pray while sitting on the floor.

We finished at a Hindu temple, but I was not allowed to go inside, and there wasn't much to see from the outside.

I could have kept busy all afternoon just counting my mosquito bites... By now my arms were full of them! The legs were better off because they I had them covered most of the time. Fortunately the bites were not itching.

Another way to pass the time would be to watch the ebb and flow of the water around the huts. The backwaters are connected to the ocean, and since the resort is partly built into the backwater, I can see how the water is low in the afternoon and higher in the morning.

And finally it's just nice to sit on my veranda and enjoy the view...