Kerala - Back in Business!

I got up at 6 AM to be sure to have enough time for my dance practice before the yoga people arrived.
Dancing Bharata Natyam in the early morning, outside, with a view on the water is the best!

I only returned shortly to my hut for a little shower because I had my "rejouvenating massage" booked at 8.
There was a lot of oil involved as always with ayurvedic massages. And im the end I also had to sit in a kind of steam box for a while, with only my head sticking out.

I went straight to breakfast afterwards but somehow the masssage really had affected my body, I felt a little light headed and had to lie down again.

So I walked into the village in the early afternoon. The first sign that the strike was over: vehicles with more than two wheels were on the road again!

For example some really elaborately decorated motor rickshaws:

I found a beauty parlour to get my nails done. Since they didn't have another customer, most of the time two girls worked on me at the same time.

I walked around a bit but there really isn't much to see. But at least I got some very tasty lunch.
And I spotted some "interesting" signs. Can somebody please explain to me what a "broasted chicken" is? And who thought that "Pee Pee" would be a good brand name for tires? :-)

On the way back I went into the "Tourist Information Office" close to the hotel. Which really just was an empty room with a desk, two chairs and a young woman with some leaflets.
But she arranged a day tour for me - at a much better price than what the hotel reception had offered. And she exchanged my money for a good rate and without asking for my passport - which was not possible otherwise.

I relaxed a little in the evening, for example on my own personal swing!

Every day I had thought about eating dinner outside - and every evening I was too lazy. Just walking over to the restaurant was so much easier.
That night I regretted it a bit though. They seemed to have composed a buffet of mostly things that I don't like. Such as eggplant curry and paneer in spinach - Indians are great at califlour but I never liked the way they cook spinach!