Kerala - The easy life

By Tuesday morning the rain had stopped. It was still a bit cloudy and the temperature had dropped a few degrees - perfect conditions for a walk!

The village of Cherai isn't far away from the beach, and it mostly consists of small buildings along a road.
Since the hotel's WiFi wasn't working properly, I was glad to find an Internet cafe to catch up on my emails and let the world know that I am still alive...
I also bought some samosas in a little shop for my lunch.

This is the dam that connects the village with the long strip of land by the ocean side:

Back at the resort I finally started reading one of the two books I had downloaded for this trip, sitting out on the veranda. I even got sleepy and took a little nap inbetween.

By 6 PM I went back to the beach, but this time away from the crowds. Watching waves in the sunset is so relaxing to the mind! I took a short video of it:

I wanted to eat at a restaurant outside but there aren't many choices and two of them told me "not tonight". So I went back to eat at the resort after all.