Kerala - Not much to do...

I felt rather beaten on Thursday morning after my bad night.
But I had found a large covered space by the spa where they hold yoga lessons in the morning. So I went there early enough to do my dance practice. And watch the sunrise :-)
Because Cherai Beach is just a narrow strip of land with the ocean to one side and the backwaters to the other side you can actually watch the sun rise and set over water...

My dance space:

After that and breakfast I was not in shape for my planned swim. I also felt like I might have caught a light cold from all those ceiling fans.
Two more hours of uninterrupted sleep (thank you, earplugs) seemed a much better idea!
This is my little hut by the way:

Sometime after 1 PM I walked over to the resort next doors to eat a snack and more importantly use their WiFi connection to upload 5 days of travel blog!

Then I went on a long walk on Beach Road, this time to the South.

Every now and then there was a building on the backwater side of the road. Some large villas (probably holiday homes) between very simple houses and huts.
It soon was clear who was working as usual, strike or not: the women! I saw them doing the laundry or laying out little fish to dry in the sun.

After about half an hour I turned back, but this time I walked along the beach which was less interesting because it looks very much the same for many kilometers: water - sand - trees.

There is a long area that is "Under Tsunami Rehabitation Program". The tsunami is probably also the reason why there is a high stone wall between the beach and the road.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading.
And the evening was the usual program of sunset - dinner - watching some a TV show on the iPad - sleep