Passage to India

I had become homesick for India a while ago. So since everybody who has been there tells me that Kerala is so beautiful, this is where I decided to go (for the first time).

Luckily I had my luggage packed far in advance as usual. Because I got a last minute call to do a late night dance gig on Saturday - and before that I went to the cinema to watch Django Unchained with my boyfriend. We went to the late show and because this is such a long film it ended at 3 AM!
So I drove to the Arabian nightclub, did my show and finally got to bed close to 5 AM...

But we had also planned to have a brunch at restaurant Hiltl, so I didn't get much sleep...

I finally boarded my plane on Sunday afternoon and had my first stop in Dubai. This is definitely a good airport for a stop-over. Nicely built, with free WiFi and oasis-like islands of trees and ponds. Since I had enough time and really needed to move my legs after the flight I walked for about an hour, from one end of the airport to the other and back.

The flight to Kochi left at 2:45 AM. I had stuffed my iPad with a lot of material to read and watch, but by then I just wanted to sleep and tried my best to do so.

Thanks to time zone shifts I finally arrived in Kochi in the morning.
It was hot, but not unbearable, so I chose a non-AC taxi to drive to the hotel. After all I didn't want to catch a cold in the first hour here!

The four stars-hotel where I am staying was a good deal on the Internet, and for once the room even looks like the pictures!
Most importantly I finally got to sleep some hours in a real bed...

I woke up around 1 PM and got ready to go out. Since I knew that I would go shopping anyway, I had only brought 3 salwar suits - I always dress like an Indian when I am here. It was too late to go sight seeing so I walked to Mahatma Gandhi road instead, the main shopping street. That way I could get away from the heat and into an airconditionned store from time to time.

It's not that easy finding the right clothes. Many of the colors only look good on Indians and they are a bit too fond of their polyester which I don't like wearing when it's this hot.
But I found some cute, flattering models in cotton. And I also spent quite some time at Fabindia, one of my favourite stores. They have great mix-and-match clothes which are made of good quality, natural fibres.

Of course I also had to go to a big shoe shop afterwards and buy matching shoes!
These are my new goodies!

And this is how many stamps it takes to sell something....

I got back to the hotel around 7, refreshed myself, put on some of my new clothes and went to the restaurant on the top floor - which happens to be Japanese! I hope my boyfriend will be proud to hear that I ate yakitori and an entire plate of cold soba noodles. Well, I sure don't often have the opportunity to eat such cheap but good Japanese food!

Then it was time to watch a TV series on my iPad while working on the changes to my new Oriental dance costume that I had brought along to use later on my vacation for a photo shoot.