Up to Delhi!

Some weeks before going to India I had come in contact with Suhas, an event organizer who among other things also promotes bellydance in India. He suggested that I should come to Delhi and teach some dance workshops there while I was in India. Unfortunately they didn't happen in the end due to problems with the location. But he had already booked my flight so I decided to go there anyway.

Contrary to what one might expext the flight was very punctual and even a bit early on arrival!

I had to wait a bit for Suhas who came to pick me up. And then we stayed there a little longer because another dancer was arriving from Mumbai. Her name is Fadima Jones and she is a Turkish dancer who lives in Germany. She is in India for two months and Suhas had organized some workshops for her in various places.

Together we drove through the heavy traffic to the house of Suhas' family where we were going to stay. They are very friendly people and we had a nice dinner with them. Afterwards, we had a long discussion about Bollywood films and actors.

Fadima an me each got our own room to sleep in. I was glad about my earplugs because there are a lot of street dogs outside and they were barking and fighting until late at night.

This is a view from my room:

And the family (had forgotten to taken a "real life" picture later):