Kerala - Last day...

When I booked my room in Cherai I wondered if I wouldn't get bored after 4 days with just a beach and a village.
Now it had been a full week and I enjoyed every moment of it!

For my last day I booked another massage - I should be properly rejouvenated by now!

I still had some cash to spend so I took a tuktuk into the village to buy a lot of bindis and some earrings.
I also got some snacks and a cream that should help with my mosquito bites. When I put it on I smell like a walking incense stick!

The hut next to me was apparently in need of a new roof. They are really made out of palm leaves! So some workers took down the old leaves and put up new ones. It was quite interesting to watch (always good watching other people at work, haha!)

I was running out of books to read and basically went through what ever was left on my iPad while munching the snacks on that chair that I had spent so many hours in during the last week...

And I went for another walk, taking pictures of the most colorful houses. Some of those bright pinks and lime greens are almost offensive to the eyes!

It's a good thing that there's always some wind coming from the ocean, it makes walking in the heat bearable.

It was after 4 PM, and apparently school is out at that time. There was very little traffic but school busses came by quite frequently and dropped off children. One bus stopped right by my side which resulted in a lot of cries "Hi madam!" and sweaty little hands I had to shake. It was another "rock star moment" :-)

I walked so far that I didn't want to go back by foot, so when one of the few tuktuks showed up, I took it. The driver apparently enjoyed the straight, empty road, I seldom was in a tuktuk that drove this fast!

Well, and then I started packing... Since Emirates allow 30 kg of free luggage, I was determined to pack all my stuff into one suitcase, after all it's extendable. And after Delhi I hadn't bought any new clothes or shoes, so there weren't actually too many things... actually, in the end I only had 22,5 kilos! Did I not buy enough stuff?

I also went for a last round on the beach. It's amazing how time flies when you're just standing in the ocean, waiting for good waves to catch - patience is a (body) surfer's virtue! I stayed in the water for about 45 minutes, until after sunset, but then the waves had gone down as well.

Ah, why did I have to leave, just as the waiters in the restaurant had got to know me well enough to bring my fresh lime soda (no sugar, no salt!) without asking, knew my room number by heart and not to turn on the fan over my table! And the paneer was exceptionally good that night as well...