Istanbul - And some more walking

I let my mother and her friends go by themselves on Saturday morning and took the opportunity to explore some new areas in Laleli. I soon ended up in the beautiful, big Sehzade mosque where there were very few visitors.

It's great alternative to the crowded Blue Mosque if you want to be able to take your time and look at everything in peace!

Then I walked towards the Grand Basar, passing by the Universitie's gate. I had agreed to meet Serap Su in front of one of the Basar's gates. Unfortunately she was in a hurry and just gave me the costume that one of my friends had ordered. I hope to have more time to hang out with her next time.

Since I still had a lot of time until I was supposed to meet up with the others I kept on walking and ended up in the backstreets of the Egyptian basar where I bought some more glitter stuff.
I discovered a former hamam that had been turned into a café and put it on my "to visit" list for next time.

On the way back I also found another music shop. It had the exact same cymbals that the others had referred to as "professional" but at half the price! So I bought them, if only for the sake of completing my research.

By then I was suddenly running out of time and had to rush back to the hotel. The ladies were already there and waiting for me to take the taxi to the airport.

They told me all about their great shopping trip and how they had found a street with all new shops that I must check out. I definitely had recruited three new Istanbul fans!