Azores - First View

We spent Monday walking around Ponta Delgada, a small town with a bunch of old churches and a very typical style of buildings - mostly only 2 floors high in a mix of white walls and dark edges made of lava stone.
Another typical feature are the sidewalks made of black and white cobble stones - in a different pattern for every street. They speak to the mosaic lover in me!

Some of the churches are very opulently decorated, and often in different styles for different parts. There might be loads of gold on the main altar, blue-white painted tiles in a side ship and cream colored ornaments in another.

The weather was the way it would mosly be this week: mild temperatures, slightly overcast and windy. Which is all right for strolling through to the streets. It became soon quite clear that shopping would not be what we were going to spend most of our money for as there weren't really many interesting shops.
We had a late lunch at a restaurant by the sea promenade and then made our way back to the hotel, including a stop at the supermarket. The hotel's breakfast was not included in our special deal and a bit too pricey to pay for every day. So we bought our own food to eat it on the balcony in the morning.

We had a long nap after which I went down to the pool to swim for half an hour.

In the evening we walked back into town for dinner. I tried a local dish, some kind of mashed up fish with eggs. It was rather heavy and I couldn't even finish it!