Azores - Off to the island

When I was young (like over 20 years ago or so...) I often went on vacation with my friend Mona. We had not done it in a while and decided that it was time for another trip together.

As our goal for this time we chose Sao Miguel, one of the Azores islands. Kind of the Altantic's version of Hawaii: vulcanic islands out in the middle of the ocean where they grow pineapples!

There are no direct flights from Zurich and since we apparently booked "late" (in April) we had a less than ideal connection.
First we took a plane with the probably most unconfortable seats ever (TAP Portuguese airlines) to Porto where we had a 4 hours layover. Besides just walking around we used the time to film the first sequences for my Bollywood style vacation video.

The flight to Ponta Delgada was better, but we arrived late and basically just checked into the hotel and went to sleep.
At least I had got a good deal for a 4 star hotel with very comfortable beds!

So we got a good night's rest and were ready to explore the next day.