Azores - Park Tour

We took our breakfast on the balcony on Tuesday - which is my favourite way of having breakfast! And much cheaper than the hotel's breakfast buffet anyway.

Then we went for a tour of Ponta Delgada's parks. First we walked up to the Parque Antinio Borges which charmed us with its volcanic landscape, little bridges made of lava stones and lush green, jungle- like vegetation. It practically screamed "photo location" all over the place!

Then we visited the Jardim Jose do Canto with a nice little palace (unfortunately not open for visitors), giant old trees, a flower garden and a pond where walking close to the shore makes dozens of frogs jump into the water. Yes, we had quite some fun doing this!

From there we walked down to the harbour - Ponta Delgada is not such a big town, the distances are usually short. What you have to be aware of is that although the people here drive at a moderate tempo in the big streets, they go wild in the small one-way streets! So keep walking on the narrow sidewalks or you are in danger!

We just wanted to have a snack but ended up eating a full lunch, me a risotto with so many shrimps that they were nearly more than the rice! The restaurants here all give generous portions for sure...

Relaxation is one of the goals of this trip so we went back to the hotel for a digestive nap - only to be woken up by the housemaid who hadn't made our room yet. We tried our luck at the pool but it was too cool and windy to stay there for long. Mona went inside and I went for another swim. When I went inside to the spa area I found her in the jacuzzi, warming up. We also sat in the so called Turkish bath for a while which is just basically a dark, hot room with steam. Not really a hamam.

In the evening we found out that people here don't eat very late - after nine PM all the good restaurants were full and we had to walk around for a while to find a table. But we were rewarded with the best meal we had so far! I tried a morcela - the local blood sausage, accompanied with grilled pineapple and potatoes. It was really delicious!