Azores - Whale watching and parading

On Saturday we returned our car in the morning and went on a boat instead!

The Azores used to be big into whale hunting. But nowadays the whales are protected and you can go and watch them instead.

Actually, most of what we saw were dolphins, but after going out for quite a while we actually saw some whales, or at least their tails.

It's very difficult to photograph these animals because they are so fast!

Back in town the Holy Ghost celebrations were going on strong. One element is the feeding of the people. They all sit down on a very long table and get a soup and a drink.

There are of course also many religious activities going on, like choirs singing a very repetitive song that I had a really hard time getting out of my head later!

But I think most people were mainly interested in the VERY long parade in the afternoon. There was a mix of cars, representations of daily life and folk dances. All the island's villages were represented, so the parade seemed to be endless.

These and more scenes from our trip can be seen in my video where I basically dance all over the island: