Am I lazy or not?

People never believe me when I tell them that deep inside I am a lazy person. But it's true. I am probably just good at kicking my own butt to get up and do stuff. But if I could just sit and read books or watch videos all day, that would be fine by me :-)

It doesn't help that I have a tendency to be obsessed with whatever book I am reading or show I am watching. There are certain books that I only start if I know that I have enough time to just read it without too many breaks.
Then my boyfriend is my drug dealer when it comes to TV shows... "I have this great series that you need to watch!" Here go more hours of my life! For example for Doctor Who...

But I usually can justify that addiction a little by watching it while fixing a costume or doing other sewing.

And recently I have developed an obsession with YouTubers. If you don't know what kind of people these are: It's basically people who create video blogs, sketches, etc. on YouTube. Most of them are in their early twenties - and yes, I am also in it for the eye candy :-)

I know, given the fact that most of their audience are teenage girls, maybe I am too old for this. But hey, if I want to watch handsome young men and women on the Internet who are doing their best to entertain me, I will do it. Instead of something "productive" or "useful"!

But let me take a look at my last two weeks: Summer was on its best behavior most of the time and it didn't take much butt-kicking for me to go out and move. I really enjoy morning activities in the fresh air - the world just looks prettier early in the day!

I went for several 1-hour Nordic walks and also went swimming in the lake for 30 minutes on several days. I ride my bicycle to work everyday anyways.
And this week, Indian dance school has started again. I had 4 classes in one week, that's not too shabby!

So at least I get to move my body and don't turn into a complete couch potato.....

On the other hand I get easily distracted when I should be doing something on my computer, like updating my website or just "office" stuff. Because YouTube is right there, one click away! (We will not even go into Facebook here....)
I am already proud that I managed to write this entire text without moving over to another website for "just a few minutes".
Ah, the problems of modern life!

But now I must get up and practice some dances. Really. Because I will perform them on stage this afternoon. So. Bye. I mean it!

PS: If you want to ruin your life on YouTube, check some of these out:
danisnotonfire, jacksfilms, IISuperwomanII, JackHoward, AmazingPhil, JennaMarbles, Taryn Southern, tyleroakley

And great web-series:
watchtheguild, MyMusicShow, geekandsundry (Space Janitors)

You are welcome.