Azores - Driving West

The main attraction of the Azores islands are its natural beauties. To be able to reach them we rented a car on Wednesday and drove off to the West. There are a lot of very photogenic spots and Mona who is a passionate hobby photographer took loads of pictures.

It's nice to drive through the curvy streets of the island. It is very green, with millions of hortensia shrubs, mostly in light blue.

But there are also dark volcanic rocks by the ocean.

Our main goal was the big crater of Sete Cidades. We drove a good part around the crater's rim, on a small dusty road where we encountered hikers from time to time. The view was great on two sides: downhill and to the ocean on the right and to the two lakes on the left.

We had intended to drive around some more but then discovered that our tank was nearly empty - and there was no gas station in any of the nearby villages or they were closed in the afternoon. So we had to drive back a bit to fill up the car. After which we drove over to the North side of the island and explored a small fishing harbour (with a VERY narrow street that went down to the sea) and had a simple lunch.

After 4 PM we arrived back at the hotel where we had an appointment for a massage to get our relaxation time.

Somehow we were both not motivated to go out for dinner so we just sat on our beds, ate some snacks, read and watched videos.