Istanbul - Getting away from people :-) And walking the wall

On Wednesday I packed my suitcase to move to the hotel where I would meet my mother.

But first I invited Lara out for breakfast because there was an electricity outage in her entire neighbourhood and she couldn't make anything. So we ate our food on a nice terrace.

Then I went to Laleli by tram and quickly found the hotel which is not to far from the station. It is a nice 4 stars hotel with a pool and spa, and I went to book a massage for the afternoon before going out again.

Some time ago I had made a plan to walk along all of the old city wall. I started with a little part of it in November 2011 and now I wanted to do some more.

So I took the tram to the Topkapi station (which has nothing to do with the palace) and first wandered around the nice big park there.

On the city side the houses are built close to the wall with only a street inbetween. On a large part of the wall's outer side there is a broad band of lawn - and then big, busy roads.

While making my way towards the north I stopped from time to time if there was a possibility to climb the wall that wasn't too scary. I am afraid of hights and I wore ballerina shoes after all. So I wasn't well equipped to climb over loose stones. But the views from the top of the wall are always great.

Here's an example of the modernisation that is going on in Istanbul. The old houses were mostly torn down (except the one in the left corner of the picture) and new ones were built, imitating the old style.

Here are views over to Beyoglu and Pierloty.

This is really high up and there is no safety! Yes, I was scared...
I went as far as the point where I had gone the last time (coming from the other side) and then took a taxi back to the hotel. There I relaxed by the pool, took a little swim and finally got a really good massage. It was just the right thing after all the walking!

My mother and her two friends arrived in the early evening and I took them for a first walk and dinner in a büfe restaurant.

Later in the evening I took a taxi up to Taksim square for my milonga. I think it's the first time I actually found the entrance to the place called "333" in the first go - earlier times I had been walking up and down the street looking for it because it's not very prominent. I danced a LOT, like every tanda!

There was one dancer though who told me "thank you" (which means "we stop dancing now") after just one song - and I am glad he did because I found him to be an awful dancer! But I also had many good ones.