Morning swim adventures

I can't believe that in 24 years of living in Zurich I only just discovered the pleasure of the morning swim in the lake this Summer!
OK, the first two years I lived far away from the lake, but ever since then I have only been a 5 minutes bike ride or 10 minutes walk away from it.

It's so peaceful and serene down by the water in the morning - no comparison to the Copacabana feeling on a hot afternoon!

Depending on what time you go you will also see people doing Tai Chi in the park, meditating or doing yoga on stand up paddle boards.

I enjoy my 30 minutes swimming immensly!
And the cool thing is that it's practically in the center of the city, so depending on which direction you are swimming you either have a great view down the lake or to the town.

And sometimes it's also funny, like this morning.

Soon after I had started swimming, two guys apparently decided quite spontaneously to go into the water. They had now swim suits, so they just got naked. Did I mention: center of the city? There are people walking up and down the lake promenade all the time.

Just when I finished my round and got out they also decided to leave the water - but couldn't or didn't want to get back over the rocks on which they had ealier climbed into the lake.
So the took the exit by the lawn, about 10 meters from where I was standing.
I watched them with great amusement, as they tried to figure out how to get back to their clothes the best way - but in the end they just had to hold their hands over their man parts and run over :-)
One of them was clowning around but the other really had a hard time to come out, he was clearly embarassed. Should have thought of this earlier!

Oh, how I wish I had a camera with me!