Tine de Conflens - A magical place!

During one of our weekends in Montreux we made a little excursion out into the country to La Sarraz. It's a small village with a very nice castle. But what's even better is walking along the river Venoge. Most of it is through the forest. And since the water has created a canyon that gets deeper the further up you walk, you are soon high above the river.

There are some places where you can go down to the water over stairs though. The best of them is where the Venoge and a second little river meet. Since one of them comes from higher ground it forms a waterfall into a pond. That place is called the Tine de Conflens.

It looks different depending on the amount of water in the rivers. We were lucky to get there at relatively low water. So we could actually walk around in the cool water of the pond.  

Down the river

Some of the rocks were rather slippery though and I was very happy to be wearing my cheap rubber sandals! 

Another lovely place a bit further down

We also walked a bit more up the river - this is it, before it goes down into the canyon.

After a lunch break we walked back into La Sarraz and visited the castle on a little guided tour. 
It is very well kept and definitely worth a visit!