Zurich - Why go far....

So many of my voyages take me to more or less far away places. Even half around the world - literally!
But hey, Switzerland is a really beautiful country too!
And as I never get tired of saying: Zurich is the best place in the world :-)

Especially now that we are experiencing PERFECT weather conditions for quite a while (after that dreadful excuse for a Spring) I have decided to make the best out of what Zurich has to offer.

OK, so last Friday I clearly overdid it. I went Nordic walking for an hour in the morning, along the Sihl  and Schanzengraben rivers. It was really lovely - despite the fact that I stepped into a whole that a dog had dug in the floor and fell flat on my knees and elbow (which is now VERY bruised and hurts).

Then went to work by bicycle. Later rode down to the lake (Saffa island) - another total of about 60 minutes of bicycling.

There's a sports/boarder shop that offers free trials of their stand up paddle boards so I thought I'd give it a try. Frankly, as a surfer (yeah, I am SO cool, dude!) I found it a bit boring. SUPping on a lake is a relaxing experience. But I didn't find it particularly challenging. No whipe outs for me!
But I was complimented on my good style. Natural talent!

Since the paddeling had left me dry I decided to go swimming for 30 minutes.

And if you think that all that exercise was somehow useful to lose weight - you are wrong. Because I was VERY hungry afterwards and ate a lot.

But because I am crazy like that I threw in a bit of tango at night. Well, it nearly didn't happen because the milonga I wanted to go to is near the Letzingrund stadion where Robbie Williams had just finished his concert and there were thousands of people walking in the middle of the street in all directions. And all the roads to the milonga were closed. So I had to go to another one...