And another new year!

This year, I spent New Year’s evening having a gig with my dance partner at a restaurant in the North of Zurich.

Fortunately we were done by 23:15, so we rushed back to the center, parked the car in front of my boyfriend’s house and and more or less ran over to Bellevue to join him and a bunch of friends to watch the fireworks.

Well, “ran” as much as our high heels and the masses of people would allow us... When the clock stroke 12, we were in the middle of thousands of people at Bürkliplatz and could only give each other a hug and then go on running :-)

So I practically ran into the new year...

No champagne for us, but there were enough empty, broken bottles on the floor already... :-(

The fireworks were absolutely spectacular, especially the finale - so loud you had to close your ears and so bright that you needed sunglasses.

I think next year we’ll watch it from my boyfriend’s rooftop though, more convenient. Plus as an extra effect you get a better impression of the moment when they shut down all the street and other lights. 

From one second to the other the whole city center is dark (so you can see the fireworks better), it always looks so magical and really makes you anticipate the fireworks even more.