Berlin - an Odysee

a) My boyfriend Oli's friend Armin has a big new appartment in Berlin and said we should come visit sometimes.
b) Don Tiki, one of my new favourite bands plays at a music festival there. And hey, they're from Honolulu, so it's a unique chance!
c) My dear friend Willow Chang sings and dances with them.

= 3 good reasons to catch a plane on a Friday afternoon and go to Berlin.

Of course we don't want to be boring, so I added a bit of excitement:

At the check-in the lady tells me that my ID card has expired last month and I am therefore not allowed to fly. Goodie!
I send the boyfriend off and run over to the counter for emergency passports. 150 CHF (plus 10 for pictures) later I have my passport, run over to the Lufthansa counter and book the next flight for Berlin. Fortunately the man there is very nice and doesn't charge me anything for it!

So finally I arrive at the festival at 20:00 - the concert starts at 20:30! Right on time!

I have my first ever Mai Tai. It's the only correct drink for a Don Tiki concert!

And it's a great show with about 12 people on stage: the musicians, a male singer, several female singers/dancers and innumerable costume changes.
They do "Tiki" music - everything that sounds kind of "exotic". With Polynesian and other dance styles.

 Willow as Josephine Baker
Willow as the fortuneteller 


Willow the sword dancer

I even got a second Mai Tai.... Mind you, I am NOT a drinker and I ended up being quit tipsy... But hey, I CAN walk on high heels when I'm drunk!

After the concert, Willow came to greet us and also gave the happy news that she prolonged her stay and will be in Zurich from July 31 to August 4. Big joy!