Going Medieval!

Every three years I am part of a medieval spectacle - a market in the old center of Zurich with people selling all kinds of stuff, very yummy medieval-style food, artists, swords fights etc...

I spent my first day there yesterday. Was at one of the food stands, and boy, were those people hungry! For 3,5 hours I did nothing but take orders and change money non-stop and there was nearly always a line.
When I finally had a break, I went into the court of the former monastery to find a bit of quiet. 

As always, I am also in the theater group this year. We do a play that was actually written about 1510. I got the part of the whore... Our director though I would be perfect for it. Thanks!

We were very lucky with the weather as well - because we played the theater outside. It literally started raining in the last minute!