Little Turkish bags - you can never have enough!

If you have ever been to a basar in Istanbul (and probably other places in Turkey) you have seen these little bags. Usually they are designed like a rug with a zipper on the side, sold for 1 or 1,5 Lira (if the shop asks for more, they are robbers!).

The first time I bought a load of these bags I said: "These make great gifts!"
Except that I usually keep them to myself and only rarely give them away. They are just so useful!
All the examples below are actual uses - mostly travel and/or dance related:

Charger cables and a little tripod (especially useful for filming choreographies)


Money - Swiss and foreign currencies

Performance jewellery and hair accessories

Dance Legos - I use them for teaching rhythms, step combinations and zill patterns


Sewing kit and sunglasses

And yes, these are not Turkish - I bought them some years ago on an Indian street market. 
Much better for hair pieces than a plastic bag!

And one for my brushes and other make-up stuff

You should see my suitcase when I travel - I put everything in bags! 
I also have shoe bags, a bag for under wear, one for beach stuff, and one for just all the little things one needs. There are even bags for the bags :-)

I also make bags myself for things that need a special format.