Stockholm Bellydance Festival

I had the great opportunity to perform at the festival and take workshops with one of my favourit dancers, Amani of Lebanon.
Together with my friend Emma we stayed at one of her friends' place from where it was quite convenient to get around.

There was a pre-show on Friday night at a big Lebanese restaurant where among others I did a Lebanese style improvisation. Not only did it feel good to dance there - Amani who was in the audience told me the next day "You were amazing!" Yes! Proud of myself!
I have no picture of this performance but of the party afterwards - Emma looking flawless as always!

On Saturday and Sunday I took workshops with Amani and also Sami Khoury, another Lebanese teacher.

The big gala show took place on Saturday night at the Prince's Theater, a wonderful, big location.

Here's a backstage picture of Amani and me (wearing my Surf Sharki wig). 
And the big guest stars together plus organizer Anne