Two is a crowd

Currently my boyfriend is "inbetween apartments".
Has left the old one, but the new one needs to be cleared and renovated before he can move in (hopefully by the end of this month).

He threw away a LOT of stuff (had been living in the old place for 10 years or so) but still has a bunch of things.
It's all in my garage now - actually, I can't put my car in there anymore!

And he is staying with me for the moment. I have a 2 rooms apartment that is very nice for 1 person. But with two people (and all his clothes, the computer, the bed etc.) it's getting crowded.
Also, he has installed his "office" on the kitchen table...

Maybe it's a good thing that we both don't spend too much time at home anyway!
It's not basically bad to have him living with me - if only we had 2 more rooms... But as it is, I am looking forward to his moving out again.