A year in random pictures - 2009

Did you ever notice how you walk around taking pictures of things you see - and then never look at them again?
Well, here I display some of the the pictures I took in 2009 that didn't fit in an
 other category...


My boyfriend Olivier discovered his favourite new product, based solely on its name - doing the laundry never was so much fun!


Starting with a video! When they replaced the tram rails on the entire street close to my home, there was a caravan of machines and heavy trucks tearing out the new and putting in the new. It was kind of fascinating to watch, like a line of dinosaurs!

Nice bathroom in a restaurant. Water spitting birds...

One of my favourite fountains in Zurich - I can't resist anything with mosaic!

I had to go to our office by Lake Constance for two days. During my lunch break I took a walk to the lake and photographed this lovely landscape.

Back in town, they were still working on those rails... By now the dinosaurs had left and the new rails were put into place.


One of the last pictures of Olivier with his 1947 BSA bike. He still cries a little that he had to sell it - but it was just too high maintenance!
They are getting there, I promise! Apparently I was quite impressed with the work - that's why I took so many pictures.

While driving home late one night I saw this full moon over the lake. No chance for high quality night pictures with a phone camera, but I hope you can enjoy it anyway.

The next day I went through a street with cherry trees in full bloom, so pretty!

When preparing for a trip I usually add a webcam of my destination to the list in my "World View" app. This is how I happened to see this wonderful sunrise over New York and took a screen shot of it.


Lovely flowers growing on the house in which Olivier lives. They are actually quite popular here and you can see them on many buildings and in gardens all over Zurich.

And sometimes even we locals can't resist - we just have to take pictures of our postcard view of the city! 

Eating lunch outside in the big city - but also in the green! Perfect combination.


My family name - it's written on many construction sites all over town... But I don't think I am actually related to them.

Experimental bathroom picture (at my work place). 

Some years ago a "guerilla gardener" started sowing seeds for these flowers in the city. They have since then multiplied and become THE typical Zurich summer flower! The come in many shades and can grow really high.

I played another role in an amateur theater play. Actually this is just one of my various costumes - there were scenes from different periods in time. This is the girl playing my "daughter".


And then Michael Jackson died. Some people created this outdoor shrine on Bahnhofstrasse that was actually allowed to stay there for a few days before it was cleared away.

I used to have a small group of students who I went to teach every few weeks. Going there included a drive over the Albis mountain. This is the wonderful evening view one has there on Lake Zurich.


River art (near the Sihlcity mall).

I don't need children - I have a boyfriend who absolutely wanted to go see the dinosaur show at the Hallenstadion. It was actually quite entertaining.


During a walk along the lake I found these - it's an iconic view for everybody who has lived in Zurich for a few years. 
There's a man who makes these stone sculpures. I have watched him several times at work. He uses no glue and no help. Just "feels" the way the stones will stay on top of each other. It's amazing!


Olivier showing us a music app on his iPhone. Playing a melody while blowing air into the microphone. Plus his trademark grin at the end!


And for the finale: The bathroom at the restaurant Maison Blunt in Zurich. Yes. I am the bathroom photographer.

Hm, that was an interesting collection of pictures... I promised you "random" and I delivered!