A year in random pictures - 2012

Did you ever notice how you walk around taking pictures of things you see - and then never look at them again?
Well, here I display some of the the pictures I took in 2009 that didn't fit in an other category...


The February of 2012 was cold. Really cold! So much that the river Sihl started freezing! This is when I set my own personal record for bicycling to work at -15 degrees Celsius one morning... 
These photos were taken on two afternoons on my way back home.

 The red rocks in the river are art!


The orchids in my bathroom in full bloom. Some of them I have had for several years and they always bloom in winter.

I took one of the last chances to go skiing.

Those Easter bunnies keep coming into the stores earlier and earlier. And they look kind of scary! For the record: I don't like bunny chocolate.


My mother celebrated her 70th birthday! She organised some funny games with her friends and we all had a great time.

 The men joined us later :-)

From time to time I have to clean up my shoe closet. And even though I always sort out some pairs, there never seems to be enough space. I really have to buy less new shoes.... It's really hard to take a picture of it all with my limited technical equipment.


On a morning walk through Rieter Park.

A friend took us on a little tour on the lake. It was fascinating to watch the afternoon sun through the fountain. 


In preparation of an outdoor photo shoot we went up on the Uetliberg and tested various backgrounds.
The actual dance pictures were taken in July: Dance Gallery

2012 was the year when we went for walks in the woods on several weekends. Always crowned with a little barbecue.
For this one by the river Sihl we did it the old fashioned way: we collected all the wood ourselves and built the little fire place.

By the way, if you like pictures of hikes, here are more from a longer one to the Tamina source.

It's funny how I have had my special edition car for many years but never officially named it (some call it Pinky but I just call it "the car"). My bicycle on the other hand got a name the very first day I rode it to work: The Princess.
And here is why. Some of the other people who park their bikes down in the garage of our office building ride really old military bikes. Sometimes my bicycle (official color description: creamy white) is standing among them, shining like a pearl. Or like an elegant princess in the middle of peasants...

Somebody sprays these graffiti of a fish saying BLUBB all over Zurich. I take a picture whenever I see one. I kind of like them!
The BIG clothes store had web cam in the window. So Olivier and me posed for a picture. And because this is Zurich, there's a tram in the background!

German license plates can be fun. Like this one asking WTF? I am pretty sure the owner of this car chose it very consciously.

Late night shopping, party and outdoor tango at the Viadukt and in Frau Gerold's Garten in Zurich.

One morning I looked outside my bedroom window and saw a hedgehog!
Watch him crawl around:

Katharina and me are very convinced that the lady on this poster is our dear friend Willow Chang! Not just the looks, but also the fact that she represents the "Creativa" fair. 
 Found another one!


I re-arranged my bathroom closet. It's not just about cosmetics and hair stuff - but also souvenirs from India, Morocco and Hawaii. I especially love those cute vintage lipstick holders I bought at the Wiki Wiki fair in Honolulu!


Yeah, it's a bad picture, but a funny little story. I met these guys while performing at a restaurant. They are from Egypt, Syria and Algeria, live in Kuweit and work for Qatar Airlines. They were on a sponsored group trip through Switzerland and wanted to know where to go out on a Saturday nigh in Zurich. So I walked them down Langstrasse (notice that walking is NOT a Kuweiti activity!) and we ended up partying at the Plaza club. They paid for everything but didn't try to make passes at me. They just wanted to have fun - and we did!


Just showing off a necklace I bought in Istanbul when my friend Lara took me to an antiques market.
While playing a game of monopoly with my boyfriend I played some old vinyl records. It was an interesting mix...
 My nail polish collection - AFTER I sorted out old bottles... I won't have to buy new polish for a while.

Santa Claus writing a text message at Shilcity...

 Pre-Christmas party with Olivier's family. Mia likes her new yellow car. It can fly!
 Trying to take a group picture was not so easy!
 Olivier attacking the main course!

Christmas with my family - the annual card playing tournament! It's always my father and me against my mother and my brother.