Istanbul - Sightseeing with the Swedish connection

We also met up with Emma from Sweden (I know her through the BHUZ board and once shared a room with her during the Stockholm dance festival) and her boyfriend. On my recommendation they had booked a room in the same hotel.
So it was quite easy to meet - we came home from one of out outings and there Emma sat on the Internet computer in the hall :-)

The for of us went to the Topkapı Saray together.

And in the evening we booked a table at the Kervansaray. But before the actual dinner show started, I excused myself for a moment. I had contacted Asena, the famous dancer, before we went to Istanbul and agreed to make an interview. Which was actually quite easy because she partly grew up in Germany, so we had the interview in German. Here is the article I wrote about it.

Then I joined my friends back in the restaurant where we had been given the maximum of possible flags on our table, based on countries of origin :-)

The man with a song for every country!

Back at the hotel we sat a little in the hotel hall to wind down and pose…