London - Going to town!

I didn't just go to London for the festival - since I was already there I also wanted to explore the city!
Well, I had been there several times before, but it had been a while...

And in the meantime they had built the London Eye. How could I resist a ferris wheel THIS big?

 A Bollywood shopping festival at Selfridge's? There goes ALL of my money!
Among other things I bought Honey Kalaria's instructional Bollywood Dance video.
 Live percussion

Walking through the Tube tunnels can feel like being in a science fiction movie... 

Waterloo station, towards Jubilee line

 Westminster station

Other things I did: more shopping!

Then I thought I'd save some money by going to a museum and seeing a Dali exhibition - but the museum was expensive as well! So I went back to the shops :-)

I also went to the cinema and watched "Bend it like Beckham" - just a little more Indian flair!