Vienna - the garden experience

I am a big fan of gardens, parks and flowers. So my first goal for Sunday was the gardening museum. Which turned out to be closed for the summer vacations.
Well, not too far away are the Hirschstetter gardens, so after a slightly confusing experience with the public bus system I went there.

It's a big park with several different sections, dedicated to various climates and countries.

 Clouds of humidity for the palm trees

 I made it through the maze!
 On the vine hill
 Chinese herbs
 My tattoo's flowers

All this walking and looking had got me hungry. So I went back into town. I had been told to go to the "Schnitzelwirt" restaurant to have a great viennese schnitzel. But it was closed for the vacations... I think I won't go back to Vienna in August!
Fortunately it was in a long street with a lot of restaurants so I got to eat something anyway.

And I went to the Sacher hotel to get one of their famous cakes to fulfill my culinary duties!

I walked around some more, under the sky of vienna...
 Children showing us how little it takes to have fun!
Some beautiful stairs.

And then it was already time to get my luggage and fly back home... 
It was short, but I am sure to be back, I really like Vienna!