Vienna / Neusiedler See - Nature's beauties

I had been to Vienna a few times but in a city like this there are always new things to explore!

On Saturday morning I chose to walk around in the center a bit and ended up visiting the Schmetterlingshaus (butterfly house). It's a lovely old building with tropical plants and various sorts of butterflies, some of them rather big!

There were some that would feed off apples - and they were not afraid to stay on their meal even when you lifted them up!
This child was holding very still because it was so afraid that the butterfly would get away. I have seldom seen a kid sitting so quietly for so long!

This one was huge! It only looks small because it was quite far away.
 There was also kind of a bridge that you could walk over to see it all from above.

I went back home in the early afternoon to join my host Alexandra and her boyfriend (unfortunately I forgot his name). They had planned a little excursion to a lake and I joined them. It turned out to be the perfect relaxing experience I needed after Friday's excitement.

Well, first we had to drive through the rain, to the Neusiedler See. It's a lovely area, some of it under protection. Alexandra has a friend there who teaches kayak paddeling classes. We rented a boat and went out for a tour. 

The weather changed between sunny and rainy, which gave us dramatic clouds and even several rainbows!

A lot of people have little weekend houses here, right on the water.
Don't get lost...
On the way back the sun was shining again

I am really glad I went along, it was a great experience. 
Afterwards we went for dinner with some of the kayak people before driving back to the city.

In the evening I took out my tango shoes and the three of us went to a milonga. Most of the dancers were rather mediocre but I found a good one who I really connected with, so it was worth it just for this!